– or the manifestation of all Evil ?


This Experience of seeing our-Self out there, down there, in the depth & darkness,
moved us deeply and touched our ‘soul’ fundamentally,
a ‘divine’ revelation for our deeply spiritual ancestors.

‘Who or What was this reflection? Was this the other Me, a He/She or even THE ‘IT‘ ?
– a Quest for Belonging had begun !


Stimulating Mirror- or Empathy Neurons of
our rudimental herd- or swarm-intelligence, plus
adding the newly discovered dimension of ‘the Ego’,
triggered a more rapid & conscious learning process
in early societies.




New Questions about distinction & differentiation arose, and consequently created new
confrontations & friction, the fundamental dynamic of a dualistic worldview.
– A different perspective, an other angle of view, giving an other dimension,
allowing a new perception of life.

The memories of this ‘divine’ Experience remained deeply engraved in our mind.
These images of our Self-Reflection reverberated in our minds and became
a pivotal issue of human -spirituality & -culture.

Completely absorbed & consumed by these new revelations,
we began to re-define our perspective on life, to re-organize our
social structures and re-arrange our relationship to the rest of creation.

This awakening, and the power this new consciousness created,
was exciting and completely mind-boggling for our ancestors.
The focus was now on self-understanding & self-reflection with little
consideration of the collective, and an even lesser care about our
coexistence & interrelationship with the environment as a whole.

Addicted to these images, and the powerful knowledge they presented,
we seamed to get the ‘upper hand’ on the rest of creation.
The power of the ‘mind over matter’ was now predominant.
Strong individuals, in combination with the team-effort of larger social groups,
could grow these achievements exponentially.

The One with confidence & vision took the leadership,
and the ‘Race to the Top began.
– and the idea of The Führer was born…




People struggled for Freedom & Self-Determination, and the fighting began.


– and the revolt goes on & on…



Nations were thriving for Autarky & Independence, and ‘big business‘ began.


– and WATCH IT closely, wars continue to drive our ‘economies‘…



Humanity was fighting for control and World Domination, corrupting science & technology. 

– and the exploitation of man & planet
gets perfected even more…

– turning our Mother Earth into space junk !



Since then we, as individual & collective, are anxiously trying to re-live or hold-on to these moments in time, to re-capture the emotional experiences associated with those images.
Now we all work hard & desperately, trying to re-create the physical & mental conditions
for the return of these powerful & satisfying moments of bliss & peace.

With this new perception & consciousness we were able to use Memory & Knowledge much more systematically. We could now pick & choose, make our selections, combine them with our multisensory awareness, with Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration, and re-create all of the above, – plus more…

To maintain & preserve these, always personal experiences, visions & knowledge had to be shared with the collective, handed down to future generations.
This became our dualistic concept of learning & teaching:
– a system which stuffed even the ‘divine’ experiences into a linguistic format.
– a logic which rationalized & limited everything even more with the
written word, the narrow-mindedness of Law & Order;
– a program of Reward & Punishment which was eventually reduced to
just conditioned behavior and digital communication.

But something went wrong, when sorting & re-organizing our mind,
experiences & memories got blurry, images & emotions got distorted & warped
by time and other distractions of life…
Despite being just individual interpretations, they now became our visions & beliefs,
our new co-creation, reflecting the events of the past from a different perspective,
our angle on history, our individual point of view on things…

We began to project these interpretations, our subjective perception onto
the ‘surface of reflection’, – the presence.
We superimposed our manipulated visions below or above the ‘surface’,
the ‘dividing line’ between past & future, life & death.
We illuminated these pictures with our altered enlightenment,
our personal experience & wisdom, filled the future with constantly growing
Anticipations, high Expectations & something we call Hope.
Until we finally declared our selective & restricted Imagination,
to be the truth and nothing but  the TRUTH.
This Perception of REALITY & TRUTH became the Linear Paradigm of our Culture !

                                                                                  (- the Elephant Truth)


Fascinated & absorbed by our own Image and the self-consciousness we associated with it,
we got possessed by the idea of a hierarchic order.
With the power, being ‘on top of the food chain’, our self-confidence was growing arrogantly.
Blinded by the light of success, our visions & ideas trimmed, shaped & formed the world into
‘Our Reality’, and everything was re-created in the Image of its Creator’. (Imago Dei)
This idealistic image of ultimate perfection was engraved in stone, to last for all ages.
Commandments established a hierarchic Order protected by some ‘Rules of Law’.
Laws defining the rights & wrongs, the good, the bad, and the discrimination of the ‘ugly’.
This way we re-designed our environment, build our Utopias, and made
the world ‘our business’ with some narrow-minded concepts of growth & expansion.
No wonder, conquering, invading and taking-by-force is now the ‘Order of Today‘.

just a Line in the dirt...

In the name of the Creator,
we claimed our ‘copyrights’,
came up with definitions of entitlement,
and by drawing lines in the sand
we took possession of everything & anything.


The focus was on us, everything revolved around mankind, the divine, Chosen-One,
‘the most intelligent Being on earth !’, the Homo sapiens, the Man-of-Wisdom ? ?

But we totally overlooked the context of all of this, forgot the backdrop,
our environment, mother nature, and most importantly, our habitat.
We split the Ecosystem of this planet into two different things,
the Economy on one side and Ecology on the other.
We distinguished & separated ourselves from the world around us,
divided anything & everything in right & wrong, good & evil, righteousness & lawless.
Anything stepping over the line in the sand, being or getting out-of control,
out-of line with this hierarchic paradigm is dangerous and
threatens our concepts of entitlement & possession.

As the opposite of light is darkness,
and as ‘Good‘ only exists in the presents of ‘Evil‘,
so is the concept of Freedom an integral part of proprietorship,
and any opposing idea of this Law & Order
is demonized and labeled as Chaos & Anarchy…

Any inexplicable or undetectable phenomena,
strange or unknown pattern, something confusing
and not fitting our scientific theories, is labeled as Chaos.

Anything obstructing our view or getting in the way of our Visions of truth is
lawless and in disorder, the bad habit of breaking the rules is Anarchy.
Interfering with our ‘picture’, erasing lines & borders is not tolerated.
A rippled surface, a rainy day or the darkness of night, are bad news,
they have to be straightened & illuminated.
Untamed Wilderness, jungle & dessert have to be restrained & cultivated.
Aliens, savages, dirt & decay, swarming & contagion have to be contained and disciplined.
Like the weather, Reality & Truth are constantly changing, they always
differ from what we Imagined, they are unpredictable.
There are no final conclusions to the pulse of real life.
In Reality there will always be some inexplicable & undetectable.
And there we are, in conflict with the ultimate & chaotic, but dynamic Energy of Life !

Our War against Nature –

war against nature

But the experiment of human world domination & control has failed

The truly ‘divine’ Order of ‘our’ Nature is Chaos.
To live in Peace & Harmony with ourselves & our-next,
to coexist in co-creative Balance with our environment,
and to have a Dynamic Relationship with Life,
is the Nature of Anarchy

Cosmos in Chaos


The individuals which are pursuing this kind of correlation to Life
are called Anarchists

The same shortsighted & outdated beliefs which introduced us to a
hierarchic & chauvinistic concept of Law & Order, have also restricted
our ability to cope with the Organic Patterns of Life.
The ideas of growth & expansion became contagious.
We became the virus & cancer of creation, overgrowing our planet,
and eating away our host & habitat.
Ideas of limitation, segregation & entitlement have reduced our sensitivity & sensibility
to a point where we became the most irresponsible species on earth…

– and we call this – Intelligence !?

Now we are possessed by the idea of control & possession,
addicted to comfort & ‘growth’, and trapped in a dysfunctional economy
with a monetary system which enslaves over 99% of our world population.

In this paradigm there is no solution in sight, and primeval fear of Chaos & Anarchy
is deeply engraved into our minds, a paranoia which has created threads anywhere we look, competition & enemies everywhere we go.

But life is not polished & smooth, – it has texture & grit. 
The Diversity & Dynamic of Life presents
a wonderful and constantly changing environment.
These alternating circumstances set everything in motion,
a process which creates the power of Synergy,
and saturates our entire existence.

To the untrained eye, the undeveloped sense, and the uneducated mind,
all this Dynamic & Energy can be overwhelming & frightening,
an appearance we commonly call The Chaos.

It is the Energy of this Chaos which requires our attention, stimulating mind & senses,
and is constantly asking us to act & respond.

It is this Dynamic of Chaos which challenges the individual and the collective to
adapt & evolve, to coexist & cooperate with environment & circumstances.

And, as you can see, the answers to a quest come with the formulation
of the question; The outcome of the task is determent by perception & approach.

To navigate in & thru this chaos, this ocean of life,
each of us has to develop & co-create his or her own multisensory ‘tool’,
a ‘device’ of awareness which reads the signs and listens to the signals along the way.
Deciphering & analyzing all these inputs & information, combining & synthesizing it with knowledge & memory, is the Wisdom & Consciousness, I here call The Compass’.
Balance & Harmony are very complex processes which involve
and require skills & techniques we no longer pursue, teach or practice today.

We need a real Paradigm Shift with a new Philosophy-in-Motion,
in-tune with the Dynamics of our Ecosystem,
consistent with the Synergy of the ‘divine’ Chaos,
and the ‘return’ to ‘Paradise‘will be guaranteed.

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The journey is certain; destination & timetable are variable.